Tsudome Site Events: Sapporo Snow Festival

This information is revised for Sapporo Snow Festival 2016. 

There are many events and activities at Tsudome site of Sapporo Snow Festival 2016. This is really nice and fun for not only children but also adults. You can experience several kind of playings on the snow-world.

Tsudome Site will end on 18th February 2016, one week longer than last year. 

Play and Experience

Don-be-e Cup Nudle Tube slider presented by Nisshin Foods

  • Age: upper 4 years old
  • 10meters height and 100meters length

Ice slider

  • Age: all, no limit
  • 5meters height and 12meters length
  • new slider to ride double

Sleighs Slider

  • Age: upper 4 years old
  • 8meters height and 50meters length
  • 4meters height and 20meters length for little children

Snow Rafting by Snowmobile

  • Age: all, no limit
  • Adult: 600 yen, Child: 400 yen

Waku Waku Tappy Land presented by Higashiku Snow Festival Welcome Commission

  • This is the place for playing in the snow
  • for little children

Bamboo Ski presented by Higashiku Snow Festival Welcome Commission and Satsunai Moere Town Comittie

  • Age: under elementary school children
  • closed at 16:00

Snow Zip Line

  • flying attraction
  • Age: upper 4 years old
  • Weight limit: under 100kg
  • Adult: 1000 yen, Child: 700 yen

Snowman Labyrinth

  • visitors making snowman for labyrinth

Experience Corner for operating a snowblower

  • You can experience to operate a snowblower.

Observing Snow Crystal

  • watching falling snow crystal by loupe

Making A Present of Snowman for your family and friends

  • make a snowman by snowman shaped mold and dispatch.
  • There is a charge.


Citizens Site

Welcome Statue

  • many many snowmans by local people

Snow Sculpture Contest: 5th February 2015

  • Making snow sculpture contest by local high school students
  • Start 9:30, ends 16:00
  • size: 3m x 3m x 3m
  • You can see their making.

Two Snow Statues by Sapporo citizens

  • size: 3m x 3m x 3m


Foods and Drinks

Hokkaido Goumet land(indoor)

  • Ramen shops and other local foods

Tsudome Hot Cafe(indoor) by Coca Cola

  • Hot drinks, Soft drinks and snacks

Hot Shop(outdoor)

  • hot drinks and snacks


Indoor Events

Stage Show

  • Stage show by NHK famous characters
  • Talk show by famous animation voice-actors
  • local towns promotion stages

Mini Shinkansen

  • a popular mini Shinkansen
  • fare: 300 yen

Fuwafuwa Corner

  • a popular play spot
  • fee: 300 – 400 yen

Helicopter attraction by crane

  • fare: 400 yen

Tsudome skate rink

  • non-ice skate rink
  • Adult: 700 yen, Student:600 yen, Child: 500 yen, parents: 300 yen

Huge Slope Titan

  • 10m height balloon type slope

Spin Cart

  • 360 degrees moving cart

Local Towns and Company Promotion Booth

Hokkaido local town Market

  • dealing several kind of local foods and items

  How to get to Tsudome? See this article below. Tsudome Site, Sapporo Snow Festival 2015

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